The Science and Practice of Stress Resilience

Zvi Strassberg, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

The Pillars of
Stress Resilience
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Clientele and Format

Dr. Strassberg's client base is generally composed of people in leadership positions, including licensed professionals, executives, management, and business owners.

Clients may have needs to target chronically stressful situations, rapidly developing pressures, crisis situations, burnout prevention or rejuvenation, or a combination of the above. Clients also differ in the intensity of their needs, prefered format, and the practicalities of busy schedules.

The format of our work will be tailored to include these considerations. This may mean longer sessions on fewer days, or shorter sessions across time; and may take place individually, in small groups, or in a seminar/workshop, as appropriate to the specific client or client group.

Because clients are dealing with difficult circumstances, there is likely to be a blend of initial successes and relief with the need for continued learning and development. Necessary follow-up is built in when the work is scheduled to take place over a number of sessions, but is also provided when the primary work takes place in seminar/workshop format. Further, once a working relationship has been established, Dr. Strassberg will remain available to clients should needs arise in the future.